L.Mohan Arun


Full stack, technology-agnostic web and client/server developer

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Current specialization: PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, Access, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, REST, Web Services, ASP.NET

General experience: June 10, 2001 Officially started working as a programmer have been working with computing equipment since 1994

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Using Angellist's activity feed to discover new startupsDemonstrates REST, JSON, PHP, HTML5, CSSSee it in action Source is in PASTEBIN
A Microsoft Access format accdb.zip (Access database)Demonstrates Access, ERD (entity relationship modeling), optimal database normalization, Access forms and reports including graphsYou can see/download it in dropbox
Foursquare "Venues" demoDemonstrates REST, JSON, PHP, HTML5, CSSSee it in action Source is in PASTEBIN
USECLARK JS SDK demoDemonstrates how to use a Javascript SDK, Bootstrap JSSee it in action Source is in PASTEBIN
VBScript demo of how to check a list of links in a text fileDemonstrates VBScript FileSystemObject, ServerXMLHTTPObject, How to concurrently pipe one input text file to two text files, TextStream, Dynamic array redim Source is in PASTEBIN
A simple PUBNUB based HTML/JavaScript code to interact with people logged in on a specific page on your websiteDemonstrates an application of PUBNUB JavaScript SDKSee it in actionSource is in PASTEBIN
Info channels from Clusterpoint: - General info about Clusterpoint history and our technology on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/clusterpoint Simple todo appDemonstrates PHP, Clusterpoint NoSQL MongoDB JSON Document store, REST webservice. The given is a free application whose source code is shared by ClusterPoint.com.See it in action Source is in PASTEBIN
Product owners can now find angel investors more easily using my contraption/prototype Demonstrates PHP, REST, web services, JSON. See it in action
Continuing education for specific occupations such as copywriters Demonstrates PHP, REST, web services, JSON, Clusterpoint DbAAS. See it in action